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The Top Five Do’s and Do Not’s of Separation and Divorce

-Written by John Schuman LL.B. LL.M.

October 24th, 2012

Separation is something that most individuals never planned on happening to them.  This article offers some simple tips to help you take the first step on the road to resolving and recovering from your Separation.

1.  Do not involve your children in the breakdown of the relationship.  Children are often the ones who truly lose in separation and divorce.  You have to remember that it was you and your spouse who have decided to separate and not the children. Even if you were not the one who decided you wanted to separate from your spouse, you are separating because the relationship you and your spouse had is no longer what both of you is looking for.  This has nothing to do with your children.   Your children are not there to emotionally support you through this process and should not take the place of your friends or family councilors.  They should never be asked to deliver messages or support cheques.  These activities put them directly in the middle of the divorce and children, even teens, should never be directly involved in such adult matters.

The Down Sides of the Court Process written by Julie Tyas-LL.B.

May 9th, 2012

Quite often, I have clients who say to me, “I want my day in court”. While entering the court process is sometimes the only way to try to resolve a family law dispute, it is usually the most financially expensive, the most emotionally draining (particularly if children are involved), and more often than not, takes the longest amount of time to achieve any resolution, either by settlement or once a court order is made. While many clients seem to believe that going to court will solve all of their problems, the reality is that in a great number of cases, clients are disappointed with the process.

Why is court so expensive?


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