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Calabrina Boyajian on Rogers TV

The following clips are parts from two interviews done at Rogers TV


Welcome to FairOutcome Mediation Services

"Equally beneficial conflict resolution"

Calabrina Boyajian, the owner of FairOutcome Mediation Services, brings a diverse background and a wealth of real world experience to the field of mediation.

As the Canadian representative for the Minister of the Armenian Diaspora, Calabrina delt with various community issues that brought her a wealth of experience in negotiation and cultral differences.

She spent nineteen years directing over 500 instructors in both the profit and non-profit industry. This, coupled with her previous activities at Toronto’s small claims court and current activities at Richmond Hill’s small claims court, has given Calabrina extensive experience in conflict resolution principles. In addition, she has organized the Reebok University Resolution Day Conferences.


Thank you for taking the time in meeting with us today and assisting us with the mediation. Your time and guidance was greatly appreciated.
Yigal, Licensed Paralegal

I recently needed what I thought was legal advice over a separation issue I was having with my workplace. Instead, I turned to and I could not be happier. Calabrina was exceptionally knowledgeable about employment law and what my rights as an employee were. More importantly, her advice and assistance helped both me and my company come up with a package that we could both feel good about. Thanks again.
Louise, St. Catherines, Client

“… was absolutely and completely shocked the case was settled… good reflection on mediation.”
Robert, Client

“Calabrina has proven to be an invaluable asset in each and every mediation that she has conducted and in which I have participated… "
Marcus, Lawyer

“I have been most impressed by Calabrina’s ability to deal with all parties in a fair and reasonable manner.”
Roman, Lawyer

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